Transforming the rooftop landscape

We're the nation's leading green roof contractor, with over 2,000,000 square feet of green roof gardens installed across America

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Why you need the roofing experts

Green roofs are challenging to design and even tougher to install. Tecta's team of professionals understand these issues.

The challenges of green roofs

Unique single-source resources

Our roofing experts and horticulturists are all under one roof, saving you money over outsourcing multiple vendors.

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Customizable systems fit any size project

We're not a one-size fits all solution. We install seamlessly integrated modular and composite systems for virtually every green roof type.

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Consultative Design Approach

A design solution that provides sustainability. We evaluate each layer to maximize your project goals.

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Green roofs differ from a rooftop garden because green roofs are an extension of the actual roof.

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What makes a green roof sustainable?

A healthy green roof is a living system that is changing and adapting. A green roof will continue to be sustainable if it receives these minimal inputs (which could actually come from nature).

Hear about tips and highlights on keeping your vegetative roofs at peak performance with GREENFORMATION.

"Greenformation" was created by the experts at Tecta to provide value to you about your green roof systems.  We know you are a busy professional so we intend to keep Greenformation brief and relevant.